New York, New York. 
Like a local.

After living in Manhattan for the winter and spending summer in the Hamptons, i have put together a little travel guide with my must see's & do's! A city i believe is so important to experience like a local, instead of a tourist. These are the places that made me fall in love with New York and i hope they do the same for you. 


1. Brunch: Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, West Village

The best brunch in New York. Okay, i maybe slightly biased as this place is Australian. But you can't go by smashed avo and a good coffee?! NY, your drip coffee cannot compete. Scattered from uptown right down to Wall street you are sure to get your fix wherever you may be. The Collective Cafe in West Village is the perfect spot to refuel before you take on NY! The smashed avo, Coconut Quinoa porridge and the corn fritters are my personal favourites! For all you Australians, its a taste of home <3 


2. Live like an Upper East Sider: Lunch at Bergdorf Goodmans BG

Quintessential New York. You'll feel as if you were New York born and raised after lunch here! Perked on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman department store it overlooks Central Park and incapsulates the essence of 5th ave. Its a dreamy experience. Tip: Book well in advance, this place isn't easy to get a reservation!


3. Best Burger in New York: Shake Shack

In 2004, the best burger was born. The Mushroom burger. Look, at first i was a little hesitant. How could Shake Shacks mushroom burger possibly be better than the classic In-N-out?! Or your good ol' diner burger? Well it is. So don't ask questions. But you can't go to New York and not try this. Best. burger. ever. It changed my life for the better and will change yours too!


4. Pastries, Pastries, Pastries: Cake Boss, Hoboken, New Jersey

A two-in-one experience. New Jersey and the famous Cake boss. I can confirm its just as good as it looks on TV. Buddy is the butter cream God and you may even see him when you visit, he frequents the bakery most weeks. Hoboken is also a really cool spot to explore and take a lil break from the chaos of Manhattan. 


5. See the NYC skyline: From Brooklyn & Top of the Rock

My two favourite places to watch over New York. In the summer i often would often sit for hours on the grass in Brooklyn with friends overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Nothing beats it. Unless of course you're on top.. so if you're up for a more touristy experience, Top of the Rock is incredible. Tip: book online at the first viewing! You won't have to wait and you'll be up there basically by yourself. One of my favourite spots.


6. My favourite place in New York City: Central Park

Surprise surprise... predictable maybe but definitely deserved. Central park, whether it's in the fall, winter or summer is so beautiful. Each season brings so much change. In summer head to whole foods and buy a bunch of food and have a picnic, guaranteed best picnic of your life. In winter, it's equally as beautiful as the park turns white! When i lived in NY i called it my happy place. It still is and always will be. I use to spend hours and hours just wandering through the park- it's the best place to get lost. You're sure to find something different every time. 


7. Where to shop: Soho & Bleecker Street

When i was keen for a shop i would always venture to Soho and Bleecker street! You cover all bases and may even see Kendall Jenner or Aimee Song whilst walking down Broadway. On Sundays there are markets lining the streets in Soho where you can find one of treasures from local designers. Make sure you spend a few days here you'll need it.


8. Where to eat: Soho

My three favourite spots in Soho are Jacks wife freda, Ground Support and Mercer St Kitchen. Jacks wife freda is on on Layfaette St and everything on the menu is 10/10, the vibe is also on point, bright and fresh. Perfect pit stop during a day of shopping! If you're on the run, swing by Ground Support on West Broadway, they do killer coffee and the prosciutto sandwich and salads are delicious! Cool edgy vibe too! Mercer st Kitchen is the perfect spot for a boozy lunch, the burger is killer and the vibe is very New York.


9. Italian fix: Eataly

If i could live here i would. Cheese, prosciutto, pizza, pasta, wine and nutella.... i just described heaven on earth otherwise known as Eataly! This is a great place to start your night with some pizza and wine... Its like a market place with restaurants tucked in every corner... and it has the first Nutella bar in NYC............ need i say more?


10. How to see Times Square: 5am 

Times Square. We have a love hate relationship. But if you have never been to New York i would say its a must see! So instead of fighting the crowds do what i did. After a boozy night out in Lower East side i decided to jump in an uber and end my night in Times Square. It was 5am in the middle of summer and my birthday. It was one of the best things I've done. It was exhilarating to see a place normally so full, empty. It was calming, something Times Square is never described as... the lights are all still on, yet no one is about. I sat smack bang in the middle and watched the sun rise. 10/10 recommend. 

11. Summer in the city: Too hot, jitney to the Hamptons stat. 

If you happen to be in New York for the summer, get yourself on the Jitney and head to Long Island. The whole city escapes to the Hamptons in the summer and its full of good vibes! Stay at the Surf Lodge, its pretty much the place to be and is pumping every day of the week. Also, hiring a car is a must as all the towns are so spread out!  Full travel guide coming soon. 


There are so so many more places i love in NYC, in fact its endless! But the above are some of my favourites.

If you have any places that you think should be on my list, comment below!