How i did what i did and how you can do it too.. 
I get emails most days asking how. How i moved my life overseas, how I've been on so many incredible adventures, how I've met so many inspiring people. So i thought i would combine all of your love notes with answers in one pretty place x


How do you afford to travel?

I think if you want something bad enough there is always a way to get it. I would rather spend my money on travelling than anything else. I'm smart with my money and i spend it where it counts. Also, I work! 

Why did you decide to move overseas?

The first thought i had of moving overseas was whilst I was day dreaming in an economics lecture. I remember watching all these other incredible people packing their bags and booking a flight. I always wanted to be the type of person that could do that... that was brave enough to leave what they've always known. I became the person i wanted to be. I chose my destination, saved money, and booked my flight. 

Where was your favourite place to live?

Los Angeles definitely! Don't get me wrong, New York was insane but stressful. I grew up on the East Coast of Australia, by the ocean and I soon came to learn that I couldn't live in a concrete jungle. New York will always hold a very special place in my heart, and who knows i might end up back there. But at this stage in my life, LA seems to be where my vibes lay. That, or East Hampton. 

Were you scared?

Terrified, I think I was scared of the unknown. I lived such a comfortable life at home, I knew people, I was familiar with my surroundings.. my University.. everything. To move overseas, was venturing to the unknown. Something I hadn't done before, especially not at the age of 19 when I moved. 

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog initially to note down my travels for myself and for my friends and family. It kind of evolved organically which I really like. I never set out to blog or be a 'blogger'.

Where did you get the name Wanderlustin Gypsy from?

My brother has called me a gypsy since I can remember. I was always on the run, always onto the next adventure. So naturally the name came. 

Where do you start?

Choose your destination, make sure it's an environment you can see yourself living in. Research! look into visas. Every day picture yourself there.. Inquire about jobs, flights, apartments. If it's meant to be it will flow on.

How did you meet the people you did?

My brother (aka partner in crime & someone I often travel with) always laughs when i get asked this question. I believe you attract what you put out. You have to put yourself in situations you want to be in. You also have to be genuine and people will always recognize that. 

Why are you home?

I moved home to finish my degree.. i have a few months left and I will be off on my next adventure.

Where are you moving back too?

Cali baby!